From July 2023, Mercedes Dassy, Demestri+Lefeuvre and Damien Jalet are the new associate artists at Charleroi
danse for the next three years. These three companies, who have all followed very different paths, share a highly physical and visual approach to dance, a taste for hybrid forms in their representation of the body, and each in their own way are engaged in issues relating to culture, mythologies and the links between the organic and the technological.

Assisting with production, creative residences, season programming, our festivals, our partners, research laboratories,
workshops with children and involvement in our training programmes are just some of the forms this collaboration will take.

We invite you to discover them for yourselves and read more about them in our brochures, starting with interviews with
Damien Jalet, Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre.

Mercedes Dassy

Mercedes Dassy

Damien Jalet,  artiste associé 2023—2026 Interview

Damien Jalet



Bea Borgers

Jorge León