Jorge León, associate artist at Charleroi danse, is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. In his works on stage, he combines different media (song, storytelling, images, music…) to question humanity and the present more effectively. A long-term collaborator of choreographers Olga de Soto, Meg Stuart, Benoît Lachambre and Simone Aughterlony, Jorge León maintains close, underground ties with dance. In this lecture where there is an emphasis on dialogue, we give him carte blanche to unveil particular elements of his relationship with the moving body and his research process. 

La Raffinerie

In this program, the dance conference takes the form of both a lecture on dance and a "scholarly" dance, performing a text and a thought. The proposals — commissions by Charleroi Danse to artists or already existing pieces — bring together choreographers, artists, and theorists with an educational aim and a desire to break down genre barriers in order to better reflect on dance or from the perspective of dance.

Jorge León est artiste associé à Charleroi danse de 2023 à 2026