Pièce pour 9 interprètes

In Unearth, we slowly embark on a long journey that stretches and plays with the elasticity of time: links are woven and undone, emotions come to the surface and move across worried or ecstatic faces because, more than anything, this is a human epic. Little by little, the performers gradually weave the wires of an invisible network around us to the sound of polyphonic chants, whispered melodies and pop refrains that turn into shared maxims. Their inner worlds resound outside, their singularities take shape, their dances are guided by a search for contact, palpable presences and touch. It is an invitation to experience this moment like being in a gentle trance, an experiment that probes connections that go beyond us, drawing from the resources buried in each and every one of us.


Création 2022 / Chorégraphie : Jefta van Dinther / Créé et interprété par : Juan Pablo Camara, emeka ene, Leah Katz, Gyung Moo Kim, Leah Marojeviç, Dana Pajarillaga, Manon Parent, Roger Sala Reyner, Thomas Zamolo, Jefta van Dinther / Costumes : Cristina Nyffeler / Coach vocal : Doreen Kutzke / Assistant chorégraphique : Thomas Zamolo / Conseils artistiques : Gabriel Smeets, Maja Zimmermann / Production Manager : Uta Engel, Romy Hansford-Gerber / Diffusion : Key Performance / Administration: Jefta van Dinther + Interim kultur AB

Co-production: Norrlandsoperan Umeå / Soutien : Conseil suédois des Arts, Département du Sénat pour la Culture et l'Europe Berlin, TANZ PAKT Stadt-Land-Bund, Commissaire du Gouvernement fédéral allemand pour la Culture et les Médias

Une co-présentation Kaaitheater et Charleroi danse