Barthélémy Manias and Johann Fourrière, alias Barjo&Cie, are fascinated by social relationships and the animal world. Now with Julie Querre, the team uses of the work of psychologists and ethologists to deploy a physical language of emotional states. Involving both the face and the body, their choreographic lexicon places gestures of the everyday under the microscope, evokes the bestiaries of various cultures, risks pure abstraction, and actually borrows some of the gimmicks from mime. “The human being is an animal like all the others, and like all species we share, feel and express different universal emotions.” Similarities and differences in behaviour become “a never-ending goldmine for developing clear and vivid body movements”. The soundtrack to Bas les pattes (Keep your paws off) features “animal” scores by famous and not-so-famous composers, from Rameau to Gottschalk and from Rossini to Saint-Saëns.


Création 2021 / Avec : Julie Querre, Johann Fourrière, Barthélémy Manias / Création lumière, régie : Nixon Fernandes / Regard costumes : Nousch Ruellan / Musiques : Gioachino Rossini, Camille Saint-Saëns, Jean Philippe Rameau, Louis Moreau Gottschalk / Aide dramaturgique : Valérie Cordy / Maître Qi Gong : Coral Ortega
Production : Barjo&Cie / Soutien : Félicette Chazerand | Parcours asbl, Maria Clara Villalobos | XL Production, Pierre de Lune, Théâtre Marni, Maison de la Création, La Fabrique de théâtre, La Vénerie, Centre Culturel de Rixensart, Wolubilis, P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studio / Aide : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse

Une co-présentation Eden et Charleroi danse