Echoing Jorge León’s piece Brûler, we invited the philosopher Elsa Dorlin to develop the programme for a day of encounters and exchanges on the epic of Lucy, our distant prehistoric cousin. Lucy consists of 52 fossilised bones discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia, dating from around 3,200,000 years ago; Lucy is also a subject who has been identified as female and an object of projection, reflection and conservation. What do the analysis and extraordinary history of these bones tell us about how we imagine our origins and represent our humanity? Through a collection of gazes, gestures and ideas proposed by Elsa Dorlin and her guests, this seminar is an attempt at restitution featuring stories of an extraordinary destiny.


La Raffinerie

Séminaire programme à venir

La Raffinerie

conférence dansée


In this program, the dance conference takes the form of both a lecture on dance and a "scholarly" dance, performing a text and a thought. The proposals — commissions by Charleroi Danse to artists or already existing pieces — bring together choreographers, artists, and theorists with an educational aim and a desire to break down genre barriers in order to better reflect on dance or from the perspective of dance.

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