How does light create places for dance and, conversely, how do bodies invent spaces of light? A community of dazzled and afterwards extra-sighted people on stage are fascinated by illusion and the absurd, making use of the codes in ombromania, an art that emerged in the 19th century and consists of creating shadows projected with the hands.  

In a world overflowing with images, R É V E R B É R E R is designed to be a feast for the eyes. An adventure for the eyes, where dance and light are inseparable. A space that is both simple and complex, where care is taken with nuances, where bodies reflect light and shadows. A place where we welcome the polysemy of images and defend our dark side without sacrificing harmony.   


creation Jonas Chéreau | performance & light Pauline Brun, Jonas Chéreau, Estelle Gautier, Marcos Simoes | dramaturgical assistance Valérie Castan, Marcos Simoes | music Christophe Albertijn | technique Vic Grevendonk | costumes Marcos Simoes | administration, production, diffusion François Maurisse, | thanks to Delphine Navez and A_FE - Association Film Événement