Six artists whose identities and work echo the festival’s themes boldly explore crucial issues and diverse perspectives. Their projects in progress, giving real accounts of the constant (r)evolution in their Afrodiasporic identities, are highlighted here from the outset. 

Conversations will follow and there are opportunities to enter the private worlds of these artists, become immersed in the heart of their creative processes, and tackle together the translocal dynamics in play. A special moment to nurture collective reflection, exchange ideas and forge connections.

Finally, in the evening, La Raffinerie will be ignited by a Fancy Legs — preceded the day before by a workshop — to offer a moment of celebration and connection through music, dance and the artistic expression of hip-hop and clubbing.


Programme à venir

Africa is/in the Future :

Now a multidisciplinary festival produced by La Bellone, Africa is/in the Future talks about what is going on in contemporary Africa. This 9th edition is interested in polysemic and contemporary notions of emergence and resilience.