Moved by the departure of a cherished loved one during the creation of this project, Alireza Mirmohammadi finds solace in the act of mourning, using his own body to bring to life the physical memories of those dear to him. 
In this evocative performance, the performer's body becomes a living canvas, symbolizing memories and images that undergo a transformation and gradual decay over time, embodying the essence of decomposition. 
Throughout the stages of mourning, the fear of losing the memories of the one we have lost intensifies, and even the subtlest movements of a third person become powerful visual triggers, evoking the intricate gestures of the one we yearn for. Alireza, driven by a profound desire to preserve and relive these cherished moments, endeavors to embody and experience the unique movement habits of his loved ones within the eloquence of his own body. 


Création 2020 / Chorégraphie, interprétation : Alireza Mirmohammadi / Regard artistique : Maryam Ghiasi / Composition musicale : Afshin Motlaghfard / Artiste visuel : Arman Moghadam / Dramaturgie : Ines Minten / Création lumière : Ali Kouzehgar / Création costumes : Matin Keymanesh / Relations internationales : Maryam Ghiasi 

Coproduction : Charleroi danse / Soutien : Kooshk Residency, workspacebrussels, PACT Zollverein, Camargo Foundation

© Maryam Ghiasi